Review of CBD Medipen – for chronic illness, pain, anxiety and well being

I came upon this review from Zec at Sat on My Butt blog and just knew that I had to share it with you – particularly those in the UK chronic illness community.  You might remember that I reviewed a CBD oil last year and I have been interested in trying something but was unsure what might be comparable (the oil that I reviewed was sent from the States)….this could be it!  Unfortunately we are currently funding our old dog’s drug habit  pain medication, and of course the family will vote that he comes before mum!! But this has been added to my list for Santa!

For the past three weeks I have been using the Medipen.


Medipen aren’t allowed to make any medical claims about their product, but fortunately. nothing stops me from doing that!

So what is a Medipen?

A Medipen is a Cannabinoid delivery device that vaporises the Cannabinoids that are in coconut oil, I am and have always been a non smoker and I have no problem using the Medipen.

The vapour is very smooth and doesn’t make you cough and splutter.

The cartridges contain 1ml of Cannabinoids suspended in a pharmaceutical grade Coconut oil.

What are Cannabinoids?

The Cannabis plant is made up from 114 different compounds, the THC is the compound that gives the psychoactive or high sensation people get when smoking cannabis.

The Medipen cartridges contain CBD, CBDV & CBG which do not give those sensations but they have been proven to help people with a wide ranges of health conditions.

Inside our bodies we have cannabinoid receptors, they are part of the endocannabinoid system.

It is now believed that originally humans would have gathered wild growing cannabis to use as food and our bodies use it to help combat many ills and conditions.

Cannabis has now been bred to contain more and more THC to give people a high and that has led to Cannabis getting a bad reputation and becoming illegal.

Medipen starter kit

I received the Medipen starter kit that comes in a tin and contains The base of the pen that contains the battery and the brains and also a rubber tip on the end that works with touch screen devices.

It also contains a USB charger and a Medipen cartridge containing the Cannabinoids.

It really is foolproof, you screw on the cartridge, place the tip in your mouth and suck and that’s it,no on or off button or settings, it is ready to go at any time.


To read Zec’s verdict on the Medipen for his anxiety and chronic pain read the full post here:

Honey Colony Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp formula reviews on website; the grey areas of the law and usage of CBD in USA & UK

I am very pleased to have a mention on the honey colony website as a reviewer of their Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Formula.  The other reviewers are Kristin of A Life Well Read, Heather of The MS Life and Kristin of Mini 2Z – all fellow members of Chronic Illness Bloggers network. honeycolony-logo

My original review can be found here Review : Honey Colony Superior Cannabinoid Rich Hemp Formula for pain relief superior-3pack-600x600

The Drug Enforcement Administration in the USA announced earlier this month that all extracts of marijuana, including CBD, are illegal under federal law (Rolling Stone article Inside DEA Ban on Marijuana Extracts).  I understand that this has triggered great debate in many communities and that there are legal challenges being made to determine whether the DEA has authority to exceed the Controlled Substance Act.  Many suppliers of CBD & hemp products are reporting that sales will cease by 14th January 2017.

I wonder where this leaves the situation in the UK, particularly as the reviewed honey colony product is produced and shipped from the USA.  Having read various pieces, the law in the UK seems to me to at best be grey!   This article published on by journalist Deej Sullivan sets out to examine Uk laws, the introduction of the Psychoactive Substances Act, the Misuse of Drugs Act and the role of government & the Home Office with respect to enforcing said Acts.  I admit that I am not a great deal clearer!

I continue to use my product (it may not be quite clear on the website that I no longer take Oxycontin – last New Year I down to approx 80mg daily – and that the spinal cord stimulator delivers an electric current to the nervous system not drugs Spinal cord Stimulation) – and still find that it helps with muscle and joint pain resulting from my EDS.

Claire x