“In My Dreams…..”

When you wake are you still the same person that you were in your dreams? I’m never in a wheelchair or using a stick……and I think I’m forever 20!!!

Claire 2
Forever 20!

In my dreams…..

I walk, I run, I dance

I laugh, I love, I cry

In My Dreams forever 20


In my dreams…..

I have a fit, healthy body

I feel forever young

My hair remains untinged by grey

My face unmarked by time and pain




In my dreams….

I am an independent working woman

A fully functioning wife and mum

I cook and clean (yes, really!)

I drive my car

I can even run

Dream 3


In my dreams…..

I stand up without fear of falling

I eat without a second thought

My memory works and my head is clear

I shower and wash my hair


Dream 2


In my dreams……

I am the woman I want to be

In a body that is whole

Unmarked by surgical wounds

Or the bend and flex of illness.

In my dreams.


In My Dreams


6 thoughts on ““In My Dreams…..”

  1. Oh Claire, this is so painfully sad and true and poignant and I feel I could write something so similar about who I am ‘in my dreams’, too. You’ve expressed this so well. Beautifully written  ♥
    Caz xxxx

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  2. I am fascinated by dreams… for approximately the first 15 years of living with my chronic illnesses, they were never present in my dreams, with the exception of the dreams where I was fighting with medical professionals.. but even then my mobility aids were never present… Since then I have made some changes to how I view and live my life and now both are present in my dreams. The only difference I can think of is that I came to an acceptance of having to use mobility aids where before I hadn’t…. BTW love this post!!!


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