Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

Another beautiful day here in South London for me to whip up some Monday Magic for you! The boys returned from Sorrento and are in my good books as they came bearing gifts – yes, you guessed it, Limoncello!  A trip to Pompeii, a glimpse of Capri and some general R&R on the Amalfi coast have done the soon to be young engineer the world of good – he has returned happy and relaxed.  Or maybe that is down to finishing his course!!  His sister says that his good mood and his being nice is “freaking her out”.  We are sending him to collect his brother from university, so this might put a damper on his good mood!Monday Magic 11th June

The last few days have been particularly hectic as we helped to re home a little pug for a friend of the young engineer.  This little lady had been badly used and abused by breeders and had far too many litters of puppies in her first years of life.  On a visit home, said friend fell completely in love with this little dog who was being fostered by his parents.  He took her home but as work commitments increased, he realised that it would be tough leaving her alone and sent a plea to friends asking to re-home her.  Hubby’s parents have always had dogs – from dachshunds to Bassett hounds – and recently one of their bull terriers died, leaving both them and the remaining dog Penny devastated.  Lech and Penny – as painted by the lovely girl.

It was Lech who died – and this little girl is called Lexi…..

Anyway, hubby & the engineer set out on a road trip which ended with Lexi settling into her new home in Hereford with the in laws and Penny.  Lexi.JPGThe little minx is loving exploring the garden – I had no idea such a small dog could be so speedy! – and having her there has put a spring back into Penny’s stride.  We don’t know how bereavement affects dogs, but she was definitely missing her brother.  So far, so good….I understand Lexi is already ruling the roost and have no doubt she will be spoilt rotten in her new home.  IMG_4823


I had a few hours to kill over the weekend, being just us girls at home. so was able to do some serious blog reading.  The blogs i have picked for you this week range from artisan bread to a weight loss journey with Slimmers World to stay at home mums.  There is a lovely review for a fantastic book about a bear called Wojtek, but on a slightly more serious side I have included a health post about an important, yet slightly taboo subject – STDs – please read it before you dismiss it.  The final blog is brand new and written by a lovely young friend of mine who has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.  Last year her condition declined rapidly and when diagnosed with a brain tumour alongside her many other conditions, she had to stop blogging.  Now she is back and ready to write again, so some support for her would be fantastic!


Grab a cuppa, sit back and enjoy!

As ever please remember to share some love for these bloggers!

Have a great week,

Claire x


14 thoughts on “Monday Magic – Inspiring Blogs for You!

  1. That poor little pug, I hate reading stories like that about abuse. But I love that someone with compassion and the ability to take good care of her finally brought her home. You mentioning Hereford – I lived near there, in a smaller neighbouring town, for most of my life (up until 5 years or so ago)! Great Inspo blogs to check out – Will bookmark for this evening’s reading! 🙂
    Caz x

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    1. My in laws moved to Hereford about 9 years ago – small world really isn’t it?! Where are you now Caz? Would be lovely to meet up some time…..little Lexi is ruling the roost I believe and the videos that I have seen show their other dog Penny trotting around and wagging her tail. In fact she went on her first walk in weeks the other day because of Lexi! It seems to have worked out well for everyone. Would have replied sooner but bad pain week…not sure if it is the weather, overdoing it or just one of those things!!

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      1. Do your in laws like it in Hereford? I’m in Gloucestershire now, so not too far from where I was (yet a world of difference to not live in the small town I’d been in for 20 plus years!) I’m sorry the week has been extra tough with pain.. Do you find warmth makes things worse? I think I’m the opposite because I struggle with always feeling cold, so warmth helps to some degree with pain. Are you able to take time out this week and over the weekend to rest? If not – Make sure you do, that’s an order!! 🙂
        Caz x

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      2. Yes, they love Hereford and are in walking distance of the cathedral and city centre. I have ended up back in the same road that I grew up in! Lived in London as a student and when first married, but then moved back out when we wanted a house. The warmth does help my pain, but it has been quite damp here and that combined with temp changes mucks up pain and POTS! Planning a lazy day tomorrow, before the eldest picks the middle one up from Nottingham uni at the weekend! Promise to behave x

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  2. Thanks for sharing some more wonderful blogs Claire! I’m so glad Lexie has now found a loving home. We adopted two puggles (pug/beagle mix) who had been rescued from a puppy mill. They were only 7 months old when we got them, but the effects of their awful living conditions were obvious even at that young age. They’re 9 years old now, and spoiled rotten.😊

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    1. Aahh…I don’t know how people can be so cruel! Our old boy was a rescue too – 6 when we got him, never been socialised and prob hit by a man. Now 16 and also spoiled rotten, but never been able to mix with dogs! thank goodness for doggy people like us! x

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