Daily Prompt #Explore – My Brain Fog

How can I explain to you my brain fog, dear friend?

Come with me and explore the opiate shaped holes in my mind

Move inside my skull, around my head and explore

The maze of cotton wool corridors.

Think of what you have just left behind you,

Explore around the next corner,

And then turn back.

But the fog has enveloped that last thought

And we are lost,

To explore no more.

Drawing by Lucy, Zebra Girl (wasc.uk/zebragirl)


Daily Prompt : #Explore 














20 thoughts on “Daily Prompt #Explore – My Brain Fog

  1. Brain fog and your description is very good. I express it as mind fog in books. Depression, thought not opiate drive, can have a similar type of issue. Unable to make decusions, looking at the world through a distant perspective, memories jumbling in confuses disorder. It comes from the executive brain function being shut off. Clarity fades and inner self polarises leaving the outside distant.

    Drug induced ones through pain must be hard though. Really feel for yoy there Claire x

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    1. Ahhh..thanks Gary! For me it is from the Ehlers Danlos too…stretchy and dysfunctioning nerve pathways & dodgy brain function too. Today, after a day in hospital and several days on clear fluids, the words just don’t come out right…bit like a stroke I think and tkaes ages to even type. Really tricky for someone like me who usually doesn’t shut up!!! Family getting a break though, ha, ha, ha x

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      1. If it’s any help, I think you are an exemplar on dealing with it. I know I only see you from here, but your attitude seems very positive despite what you have to cope with. I just can’t imagine how much you’d have to say if you were 100% all the time 😂

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  2. Unbound Roots

    Claire, your writing is so beautiful, and this piece was sad, but powerful too. The brain fog is something I suffer from too; not from opiates, but from gluten. I went three years with this feeling before I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. Not fun, but your writing describes it perfectly.

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